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New Public Scientific Portal for:

Paleolithic & Neolithic Rock Art

Cave Paintings & Rock Engravings


This portal was started in 2015 and we invite articles from everyone on paleolithic & neolithic subjects. 


We offer a fascinating list of informative articles with astonishing photos of many archaeological sites in Europe, Africa, Arabia, Asia and the Americas.


The articles include pre-historic "rock art" engravings and paintings, as well as megalithic structures, neolithic tombs, stone tools and hunting weapons.  


For information on other interesting ancient cultures please refer to: www.ancient-cultures.info


English Articles

Articles published in 2020:

+ Australian Rock Art + Mongolian Deer Stones + Kazakhstan Rock Art Sites  

+ European Cave Painting Styles + Ibex / Ram Comparison

Articles published in 2021: 

+ Lion Man + Catal Hueyuek + Goebekli Tepe + Cayoenue + Hittite Hattusa 

+ Saudi Paleo Past + Sahara Rock Art + Goseck Sun Observatory + Glauberg Celts

Articles published in 2022

+ Latmos Rock Art + Ba'ja + Yarmouk + Chiribiquete

Articles under preparation

+ comparison of human figures 


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