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Pre-Historic Cultures 

German Aurignac Culture     updated 07/2017     Germany

When homo sapiens moved into Europe around 50,000 years ago he started an "artistic revolution" and created the world's first human & animal figurines plus musical instruments

Lion Man Statue     published 04/2021     Germany

It is the most amazing and oldest sculpture of mankind carved out of a mammoth ivory tusk and representing a mixed creature of a man with lion head

Nebra Sky Disc - Aunjetitz Culture     published 08/2019     Germany

Sensational discovery of a 3,600 year old bronze disc with precise image of night sky produced and found in Germany. This led to totally new view on little known Aunjetitz Culture

Poemmelte Cult Ring     updated 04/2020     Germany

This Extraordinary site is 5,000 years old and has close connections to Stonehenge and Avery in England. With a diameter of 115 meters and various circles it is the most important cult site in Germany

Goseck Sun Observatory     published 11/2021     Germany

Possibly the oldest sun observatory in human history not in Egypt or Mesopotamia but in Germany!

Goebekli Tepe     published 05/2021     Turkey

The world's first temple site with amazing monolithic circle structures and richly engraved huge "T" pillars possibly used for sky burials

Cayoenue Tepesi     published 05/2021     Turkey

This early Neolithic town erected 12,000 years ago, is possibly one of the first to start metal working in the Near East

Catal Hoeyuek      updated 05/2021     Turkey

Possibly the first proto-city erected 9,000 years ago and had up to 8,000 inhabitants. Hunter gatherer clans settled down here with first farming and shepherding 

Hittite Capital Hattusa     updated 09/2021     Turkey

The inventors of the first iron weapons became a powerful empire some 3,000 years ago but finally were overtaken by Assyria

Glauberg Celts     published 11/2021     Germany

Celts are not a common tribal clan but various ethnic groups established a common cultural area across Europe 3,000 years ago. Glauberg became one of the most important sites when life size stone statues were unearthed fifteen years ago

Move "Out of Africa"     updated 04/2012     Near East

First human emmigration of homo habilis out of Africa and what happened in the Near East

Natuf Culture     updated 04/2012      Jordan Valley

"Neolithic Revolution" started 15,000 years ago. Where it all started with the change from hunter gatherers to farmers including first fauna and flora domestication and first settlements

Al Magar Civilisation     updated 04/2012     Saudi Arabia

Big surprise discovery in Saudi Arabia in 2008 - domestication of horses happened here 4,500 years earlier than previously thought. About 9,000 years ago during the stone age

First Neolithic Settlements     updated 04/2012     Jordan

Examples of first Neolithic settlements in the Near East. So far they are the oldest houses found

Megalithic Structures

European Megalithic Past     published 10/2014     Portugal

Astonishing pre-historic monolith stone circles around Evora in Portugal are the oldest and largest in Europe

Stonehenge     published 10/2019     Great Britain

It is not the largest nor the oldest megalithic cult ring but the most intriguing and most visited

Update: latest research show that monolith were not transported over hundreds of kilometers but come from a quarry in Malborough just 25 km away

Greater Stonehenge     published 10/2019     Great Britain

It is a huge pre-historic landscape with many monuments including so-called Cursus, Woodhenge, Bluehenge, Durrington Walls and Blick Mead

Newgrange Tombs     published 03/2022     Ireland

Newgrange, Knowth & Dowth are three of the most significant megalithic passage tombs just 50 kilometers north of Dublin. Like Stonehenge they lie in a neolithic landscape 

Mongolian Deer Stones     published 05/2020     Mongolia

This little known steppe nomad tradition so far has been neglected. This article will shed more light on these amazing Bronze Age stelae

Uplistsikhe     published 01/2018     Georgia

Interesting rock carved city on the ancient Silk Road in the Caucasus region in Georgia

Rajajeel     updated 04/2012     Saudi Arabia

50 groups of megalithic stone stelae 6,000 years old and erected 3,000 years before Stonehenge

Cairns, Tumuli & Tombs     updated 04/2012     Saudi Arabia

Summary of neolithic burial rituals and structures starting 9,000 years ago 

Desert Kites - Ancient Hunting Traps     updated 11/2016     Saudi Arabia

Pre-historic huge stone built hunting traps in various funnel shapes plus coral like structures

Paleolithic Past - Structures     published 04/2021     Saudi Arabia

Little is known yet about the thousands of different stone structures erected by our ancestors over 10,000 years ago on the Arabian Peninsula. We shed some light on so-called mustatils, tails, keyholes, needles and wheels

Pre-historic Weapons & Stone Tools

Paleolithic Spears     updated 04/2020     Germany

Sensational discovery of 300,000 year old wooden hunting spears used by homo heidelbergensis show that ancient men were far more sophisticated than previously assumed 

Latest update: recently a two meter long forest elephant tusk was discovered, as well as bones of a sable teeth lion, first proof of his existence in the region

Pre-historic Tools & Weapons     published 11/2019

Starting with first stone tools 2.5 million years old we show lances, catapults, bow & arrow, nets and hunting traps

Ice Man     updated 01/2016   Italy

Sensational find in 1991 of a 5,300 year old mummified body high up in the Alps still surprises us with new results from ongoing research after 25 years